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Sound Desks

We can manufacture various different types of sound desks, the most popular being the smaller cabinet rack units and the larger desk units which can be completely customized to suit the needs of video and sound engineers.  We can work with your designers and engineers to come up with a future proof setup that will safeguard your equipment,  hide all your cabling and will blend in with the other furniture located around it. We can manufacture these in Oak, Ash or Mahogany, which can then be clear coated or stained to match your existing timber.

Most local sound engineers have worked with us on new build and renovation projects and are aware of the quality and flexibility that our sound desks can provide.  Many local churches, schools and auditoriums have a sound desk or cabinet that we have manufactured and so we can arrange to get access to those should you wish to see one in operation.

Our designers are able to provide wire frame technical drawings and 3D visuals off all the items we produce allowing you, the client, to properly visualize and assess the suitability of the item being designed. These drawings can then be changed quickly and easily until a final production design is approved. Finally this drawing can then be broken down and sent to production to be manufactured and ultimately installed in its final location.

Soundesk Drawing_2.jpg
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